My 6 Favorite Interior Paint Colors

Have you ever decided to paint a room?  You have an idea of a color but just not definite on the exact color you want?  So you head off to the paint store to check out some paint chips.  Once you get there, it’s like a total overload of color!  Your brain becomes overwhelmed with all the choices staring you in the face

That’s exactly how I felt when I was ready to choose paint when we were remodeling  our home.

I had an idea of the colors I wanted, but just hadn’t decided on any specific colors.  I knew I wanted something in the gray tones.

Who knew there would be SO MANY grays to choose from?!

Grays can vary in color, depending on the color mixed in them.  Some will have a green tone while others will have a blue or yellow tone. Light can also affect the way color will look on a wall.

So after looking through the many shades of gray an taking home many samples of paint, I was finally able to make my choices.

My first choice was Mindful Gray (SW 7016).  To me, this is more of a neutral gray.  It doesn’t have any one color that stands out in it.  Not too dark, not too light.  Works well in any room and is beautiful in natural light.  Since we have an open floor plan, I used this in my kitchen, family room, dining room and living room and it looks gorgeous!

My second choice was Grassland (SW 6163).  This one has a slight gray tone but leans more towards a soft green when applied.I used this in the Master bedroom and  I like the calming effect it has, cool and comfortable.

Third choice was Ancient Marble (SW 6162).  This one is just one shade lighter than Grassland and complement each so well!  I used this in the Master bath.

My fourth choice was Gris (SW 7659).  I absolutely love this color!  A gray with a blue tint that goes well with whites, light gray, or shades of blue. I chose this one for my guest bathroom.

My fifth choice is Conservative Gray (SW 6183).  This color leans towards a neutral but does have a slight green when the light hits it.  It is a lighter shade of gray and would work well in any room.  I used this one in one of the bedrooms.

My sixth choice is North Star (SW 6246).  A beautiful gray with a soft lavender tone in natural light.  Works well with bright white or light grays for accents.

There you have it!  I hope these were helpful!

The key is, don’t rush in to making a choice.  Take your time and try out some samples.  What looks good on a paint chip, may look entirely different on your wall.


Happy painting!



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