My Top 5 Favorite Perennials

Spring has finally arrived here in the midwest!  While we’ve had a few warm days, we’ve also still had some pretty cool days too.  But I have had the chance to at least get out and start cleaning up the flowerbeds.  It’s exciting to see the perennials breaking through the ground each spring!  Like Mother Nature’s promise of new life in the trees and gardens, and time to make a fresh new start!

If you’re just starting to plan out your flowerbeds or gardens, here are 5 of my favorite perennials that are perfect to include!

1. Coreopsis: These brilliant little yellow flowers are gorgeous in any flowerbed. They are so light and airy when they move in the wind.  These usually grow about 18 inches in height and need very little water or fertilizer.  They are the perfect plant to use when you need some height in your garden

2. Cone Flower:  Cone flower is a very sturdy plant that can grow up to 3’ tall.  They will bloom from early summer into fall.  While purple is a standard color, they also come in pink, white, orange and yellow.  Butterflies are very attracted to Cone flower.

3. Sedum:  Sedum can be used as a border plant along the edges of your flowerbed.  While some varieties are ground hugging, others can grow up to 18 inches tall with blooms. The blooms can be a variety of colors, from purple to pink, or white. They are very heat resistant and drought tolerant.

4. Black Eyed Susan: These beauties all gorgeous all summer long!  The yellow flowers and black centers really stand out in a flowerbed.  I like to plant 2 or 3 together for a central focus in my flowerbeds.  They usually grow to 2’ in height, although, I have had some that have grown to 4’!  They also are beautiful in a cut flower arrangement.

5. Knock Out Roses:  In the past, I never had much luck when it came to growing roses.  They always seem to be so temperamental.  Then I discovered Knock Out Roses, which completely changed my mind about growing roses!  These are so versatile and don’t require any special care.  They can be used as a border plant, mixed in with annuals or use several of them together to create a hedge.  The best thing about these roses?  They bloom all summer long




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