Salsa Container Gardening

Summer is in full swing!

Warmer weather, long sunny days and people are out planning and planting their gardens.

When I was younger, my family always had a large garden.  And part of our summer included planting seeds, pulling weeds, watering, picking corn, snapping beans and shelling peas, plus many more chores when it came to the garden. I remember sitting on our back porch with a bushel basket full of green beans and snapping them and getting them ready for canning.  Or walking along the rows of sweet corn and picking the ears and then shucking them.  (Those silks are a pain to get off the ears!). We would cut the corn off the ear and freeze it for the winter.  So good!!

But my favorite thing to grow is tomatoes.  It was almost an everyday occurrence to walk out to the garden, salt shaker in hand and pick out one of the most ripest, juiciest tomatoes I could find and bite into it.  It tasted so good!  So warm from the sun and the freshest thing I had ever tasted!

When I finally had my own home and garden, I started growing various kinds of tomatoes and learning more about the different types and what worked well in recipes and which ones were better just for slicing and eating by themselves.

And that’s when I discovered salsa!

Store bought salsa is okay, when you’re in a pinch.  But nothing beats fresh homemade salsa!  And I soon learned I could grow my own vegetables  and make my own salsa, which was more economical .

You don’t need a super large garden or even a raised garden bed.  If you’re limited on space, you can always do container gardening. As long as you have a nice sunny area for your plants, you can start a container garden.

I like to use plastic pots for my container garden, since they are much lighter than a ceramic or terra-cotta and so much easier to move around. When choosing your containers, be sure to choose large pots that will hold your plant as it grows and are sturdy enough once the plant is fully grown.  For your tomato plant, choose a pot that will also hold a cage to support your plant.  You will want to make certain your pots have drainage holes also.  If they don’t, just drill 3 holes in the bottom.  I also like to use a good potting mix that has fertilizer in it to help the plants get a good start.


For salsa garden, I like to use:

1- Roma Tomato Plant

1- Jalapeno Pepper Plant

1- Sweet Onion

1- Garlic Bulb

1- Cilantro Plant

Plant each one in individual containers.

Enjoy your salsa garden all summer long!



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